The Best Graduation Gift and Drink

Graduation Bottle
Alcoholic version


GRADUATION STAR® is in a champagne style bottle with a natural mushroom cork. The bottle has the looks of a fresh graduate, featuring a gown, sash and a graduationhat with a tassel. Due to the elegant design with eye for detail and bright silvercolors, this bottle has everything to be proclaimed the best graduation gift.


GRADUATION STAR® is meant to be shared and enjoyed in a festive atmosphere. The bottle contains a fresh semi-sweet sparkling wine with hints of fruit and persistent bubbles. The wine has a celebrated taste that fits anyone at anytime of the day. Moreover because we offer both an alcoholic and an alcoholfree variant .


We have GRADUATION STAR® produced and bottled in the famous region of La Mancha in the heart of Spain. This area in the South of Europe is the largest continuous vine-growing area in the world. There is an ideal climate and soil for growing high quality grapes. Our awarded winemakers have masterly combined these qualities with maximum effort, skill and dedication. As a result we can proudly present you a brilliant bottle of bubbly to celebrate graduation in style.

Graduation Drink
Alcoholfree version
(features a small caption under the logo)
Best Graduation Gift

makes a grand entrance on the red carpet
in your local store


Since the ceremony traditionally ends with a drink
Graduation Star®
is the perfect ending to a perfect graduation day

The Graduationhat is our Trademark

The distinctive bottle of HUIZON has a protected design and is also our registered trademark (®). The graduation hat on the bottle top symbolizes the excellence of the products of HUIZON and shows that our bottles have passed all quality tests succesfully.

Best Graduation Gift
Best Graduation Gift

About Graduation

Graduation means getting a diploma or a new degree. People use the term also for the ceremony that is associated with it, in which students become graduates. Before the graduation ceremony we call the candidates ‘graduands’. 

The students wear a typical dress for graduation which are gowns and graduation hats. In the US high school pupils wear the graduationhat likewise during the presentation of their diplomas. Over the years all over the world people started using the graduation hat as an icon for education and getting a diploma.

People often use the term Graduation Day to indicate the date of graduation. Since the ceremony traditionally ends with a drink GRADUATION STAR® is the perfect ending to a perfect graduation day.