Let's celebrate
graduation in style

Hats off to our GRADUATION STAR®
A brilliant sparkling wine with the delicate taste of succes.
The most excellent graduation party drink and gift.
Quality which passed all exams, in a beautiful champagne style bottle with an iconic design, featuring a real graduation hat on top !


Graduation Star® by Huizon
The Brilliant Graduation Party Drink and Gift

Alcoholic and Alcoholfree Graduation Party Drink

GRADUATION STAR® is also available as a sparkling alcoholfree wine. The non-alcoholic variant is a brilliant graduation party drink for graduates under the the legal age for drinking alcohol. Of course this variant can also be enjoyed by anyone else who prefers the non-alcoholic version of GRADUATION STAR®

Graduation Party Drink
Graduation Hat Trademark

Graduation Souvenir

GRADUATION STAR® by HUIZON features a graduationhat with a real tassel attached. This original item on the bottle top makes the bottle an excellent graduation drink gift.

After you have enjoyed the contents of the bottle, you can keep the graduationhat as a  memento of graduation.


Graduation Star® by Huizon
The brilliant Graduation Party Drink and Gift.

Excellent Graduation Drink Gift

GRADUATION STAR® certainly is the most excellent gift and drink for graduation. The champagne style bottle has an iconic design and appears as a fresh graduate featuring a gown, sash and graduationhat.

Bright silver colors and eye for detail contribute to the luxurious looks of the bottle. As a result GRADUATION STAR® is considered a trophy, which is given to graduates as an award for their excellence in performance.

Graduation Party Drink
Graduation Party Drink

Brilliant Graduation Party Drink

When it comes time to party, GRADUATION STAR® is the perfect graduation party drink to celebrate in style. The graduationhat on top covers a natural ‘mushroom’ cork, similarly as with champagne. First you open the bottle with a good ‘pop’. Then you make a toast. Finally you can enjoy the delicate taste of success. The tassel was worth the hassle… !